Massive birth injury settlment reach in Scranton, Pennsylvania

January 10, 2017

Parents of child harmed by medical malpractice hold negligent doctors responsible for their medical mistakes

The parents of a young girl badly harmed during her delivery recently secured a significant award from the Scranton, Pennsylvania hospital where the child was born. The settlement will help to pay for the victim’s ongoing medical care, which she will need for the remainder of her life to live in comfort and dignity.

According to the complaint, the child is “neurologically devastated with global cognitive and physical deficits and delays” as a result of the hospital’s mismanagement of her mother’s care while in labor. The plaintiff asserted the treating physician should have ordered a cesarean section to prevent the hypoxic brain damage from which the child continues to suffer from to this day.

Birth injury lawsuit helps cover child’s medical expenses, cost of litigation

The settlement earmarks $9.05 million to pay for the victim’s care and another $2 million in compensation to the parent’s for the child’s injuries. Furthermore, the settlement covers all off the medical malpractice attorney’s fees and court costs necessary to compel the hospital to take responsibility for its indifference to the victim’s safety.

Often times, hospitals attempt to skirt liability by denying responsibility and delaying investigations, which ultimately put victims and their families in difficult financial and emotional situations. Fortunately, the law gives medical malpractice victims the right to hold wrongdoers accountable by filing legal claims to recover for their damages.

Washington, DC medical malpractice attorneys

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