What is a contingency fee?

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Many people are reluctant to hire (or “retain,” in lawyer’s parlance) an attorney because of the popular perception that it’s just too expensive.  The public has read stories about lawyers charging high hourly rates.  And while legal services are not an expense anyone should pay without serious consideration, it’s also true that many lawyers don’t… Read more »

Navy Yard Shooting Victim Lawyer

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Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia Mass Shooting Lawsuit If you or someone you love was seriously injured or killed in the tragic Washington, D.C. Navy Yard mass shooting, please contact The Cochran Firm, D.C.  We are actively investigating claims regarding this senseless tragedy that should never have happened. You may be left with hospital expenses, physical… Read more »

DC Security Clearance Federal Employee Injury Lawsuit

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Washington, DC, Maryland, Virginia security clearance, federal employee injury and wrongful death claims  Some federal contractors and government employees sadly choose to break the law or hurt other people.  If you have been injured or your family member was seriously hurt by a federal contractor or government employee, we can help.  The Cochran Firm DC… Read more »