Whistleblower could receive as much as $43 million for reporting Medicare fraud

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Pharmaceutical salesperson Peggy Ryan believed her employer Endo Health Solutions illegally marketed the pain treatment patch Lidoderm and filed fraudulent Medicare claims. Because she felt strongly that illegal behavior was occurring, Ryan consulted with a whistleblower attorney and filed a qui tam lawsuit. In 2005, the Department of Justice intervened and Ryan provided help to… Read more »

Washington Post quotes partner Karen Evans about gymnasium being named for Medric Mills Jr.

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The Washington Post quoted Karen Evans, medical malpractice attorney and partner with The Cochran Firm, D.C., about the announcement that a gymnasium at the North Michigan Park Recreation Center will be named for Medric “Cecil” Mills, Jr. who suffered a heart attack across the street from a fire station where firefighters failed to provide assistance. Evans… Read more »

VA Hospital Delay Lawsuits

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Families of veterans who died waiting for care may file Veterans Administration hospital medical malpractice claims Recent media reports and government audits have revealed that overly long wait times and delays in VA hospitals nationwide are needlessly killing our nation’s veterans. Families of veterans who died waiting for care are filing medical malpractice claims against… Read more »

Mandatory arbitration clauses block citizens’ access to courts

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A new report by Lina Khan, a policy analyst with the New America Foundation, in Washington Monthly shines a spotlight on a growing problem hampering the right of American citizens to access the court system: mandatory arbitration clauses and class action bans. Due to a combination of Supreme Court decisions and heavy lobbying by business… Read more »