If You Are Being Arrested Remember…

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If you are being arrested remember:   DO NOT PHYSICALLY engage with the police RAISE your arms above your head DO NOT RESIST and follow all lawful commands Tell the officer if you are ARMED OR UNARMED Ask anyone nearby to RECORD you Once you are taken into custody invoke your right to remain silent… Read more »

Filing a Business Interruption Claim

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Aside from the health concerns of the COVID-19 pandemic, businesses across most industries have been heavily impacted by the virus and related government action. Commercial property insurance policies frequently provide coverage for losses stemming from COVID-19. While the insurance industry has been outspoken about the fact that their policies have virus exclusions, or otherwise do… Read more »

Calculating Business Losses

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Businesses throughout the country are dealing with the impact of the coronavirus, and business interruption coverage can help mitigate the damage to your business. In filing a claim, it is essential to document your business loss claim correctly. Calculating Business Losses Once the scope of coverage has been determined, businesses must prepare comprehensive “proof of… Read more »

Black Lives Matter

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“We’ve got to be judged by how we do in times of crisis.” Johnnie L. Cochran, Jr.   The Cochran Firm D.C. respects, honors, and acknowledges that Black lives matter. Equality is our mandate. We proudly stand in solidarity with the voices now demanding meaningful changes to undo systemic and institutional racism, and seeking to… Read more »

Johnson & Johnson Began Targeting African Americans After Mounting Evidence Showed That it was Linked to Cancer

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The pressure on Johnson & Johnson to stop selling its talc-based flagship baby powder was mounting long before the announcement on Tuesday that they would stop selling it in the United States and Canada. Decades of studies linking talc to ovarian cancer resulted in the World Health Organization finally classifying cosmetic talc as “possibly carcinogenic”… Read more »