Verdicts and Settlements: Washington, D.C., Maryland and Virginia

The cases listed below are actual results from real cases handled by our attorneys. Each case is unique and must be evaluated on its own merits. We are not able to make any guarantees and these prior results are not an indication that a similar result will be reached in your case. Also, we are unable to report, due to confidentiality agreements, some of the remarkable results we have achieved on behalf of other clients and therefore the following results are only a small sample of our overall verdicts and settlements. These results demonstrate the type of cases we have experience handling.


Child born with cerebral palsy as a result of failure to recognize placental abruption after mother arrived at hospital.


Burn injury suffered from a defective product. Five different defendants contributed to the settlement of this complex case despite the bankruptcy of the most responsible parties.


Settlement of auto collision against the D.C. Metropolitan Police Department by one of their officers resulting in a brain injury. Offer increased from $750,000 to $2,000,000 the first day of trial.


Newborn child was losing weight and not feeding, yet pediatrician did not properly treat and admit the child to the hospital, who then suffered extreme metabolic acidosis and severe brain injury.


21-year-old man paralyzed as a result of a shooting at an apartment complex due to inadequate security, despite a long history of violent crime on the premises.


Mother and her young child were burned to death in an explosion in an apartment complex which resulted from repeated vandalism that went unaddressed by landlord.


Near drowning of a child who suffered a severe brain injury. Record settlement achieved against lifeguard company, property manager and landlord.


Father and two children were killed as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning resulting from faulty flue connected to water heater in apartment complex.


Verdict in a collision between a commercial vehicle and an auto. $200,000 was the last offer before trial and liability was hotly disputed.


Death of two workers in a natural resources disaster who perished as a result of improper workplace operations and inadequate safety and rescue measures.


35-year-old woman suffered severe brain injury when healthcare providers failed to recognize complications from gastric bypass surgery. Lifetime payments will total $23,000,000.


Verdict in a wrongful death case of a 58-year-old educator who was a husband and father of three grown children involving a John Doe driver and a flat bed truck. Verdict upheld on appeal and collected.


Elderly lady who suffered a brain injury as a result of failure to treat a compromised airway while she was in the hospital.


19-year-old who suffered bilateral lower extremity paralysis resulting from negligent administration of anesthesia.


Massive brain damage suffered by successful heart transplant patient when her blood sugar was allowed to plummet in post-surgical ICU to level inconsistent with life, due to lack of proper monitoring.