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At The Cochran Firm DC, our goal is to offer long term solutions to those who are deeply in debt and overwhelmed. We understand the stress many people feel with respect to financial difficulties. The federal bankruptcy process is designed to give debtors a fresh start. Our office can review your circumstances and represent you through this process. We work within individuals and business who are struggling with debt and assist in filing for bankruptcy under Chapters 7, 11, and 13.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy – The fast way to eliminate debt, this form of bankruptcy commonly takes between four and six months to complete and eliminates all unsecured debt. In many cases, you are able to keep your belongings.

Chapter 11 Bankruptcy – This is used primarily by small businesses and corporations to reorganize their debt load and rim expenses to become profitable again.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy – This is used primarily by people who want to keep a property, such as a house, to create a three to five year repayment plan in order to catch up on payments that are in arrears. At the end of the payment period, the remaining debt is discharged.

Our office will help you determine which of these options will suit your situation and will help you gather the information required to file the bankruptcy petition. He will be by your side through the entire process. Our goal is to get you a fresh start on your financial future.

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The case types above are handled by attorneys who operate independently of The Cochran Firm, DC, PLLC at their own physical location and with separate ownership and management.

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