Due to problems associated with ignition switches, 500,000 Chevrolet HHR vehicles produced from 2006-2011 by General Motors are under recall. Hundreds of instances of HHR vehicles suddenly turning off have been reported leading to severe injury and death.

The keys in the ignition switches can be bumped by a driver’s knee or pulled down by the weight of a heavy key chain and put into the “off” position. If this occurs while driving, the vehicle will no longer have steering or braking power and its airbags will not deploy. Vehicles in this state essentially become missiles on the roadways and put the driver and everyone around the uncontrolled vehicle at great risk.

About the Chevrolet HHR

The Chevy HHR is a retro style station wagon. It has the same chassis at the Chevy Cobalt, Pontiac G5, and Saturn Ion. All of these models are under recall by GM for the defective ignition switches.

GM ignition switch compensation fund

GM has created a $400 million national compensation fund to pay out to victims hurt due to the defective ignition switches. The time deadline has been extended to January 31, 2015 for victims to file claims.

The Washington, D.C. office of the Cochran Firm is actively investigating claims stemming from these faulty ignition switches produced by GM. If you or a loved one was hurt while driving a Chevrolet HHR produced from 2006-2011 then you may be eligible for substantial compensation. The time to file a claim is running out so please contact us as soon as possible in order to preserve your rights.

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