November 6, 2015

Pedestrians, firefighters rushed to save man’s life

bus accident attorneys in washington dc and baltimore marylandAn elderly Washington, D.C. man is in serious but stable condition after being run over by a 30,000 lbs Greyhound bus shuttling passengers to the American Dental Association Convention in Downtown. Citizens witnessing the collision forced the bus to stop after the driver appeared to be unaware he ran over a pedestrian.

Witnesses say the victim became pinned under the rear wheels of the bus when he tried to cross 7th street near the Convention Center. Media outlets report a doctor passing nearby immediately rushed the the victim’s aid to take his pulse and asses his medical situation.

It took Washington, D.C. police and firefighters less than minutes to free the victim from under the bus using hydraulic jacks and wooden blocks. Once the Greyhound bus was stabilized it was lifted in the air and the victim was extracted.

The victim suffered a severely broken leg but remained conscious throughout the ordeal. The cause of the accident remains unclear as authorities continue to investigate the situation. Authorities call the man’s survival nothing short of a miracle.

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