Serving victims of medical malpractice in the Baltimore metro area

The medical malpractice lawyers of The Cochran Firm have decades of collective experience representing the victims of medical malpractice in the Baltimore metropolitan area. Our respected attorneys fight for your legal rights and work tirelessly to secure the highest possible compensation for injured victims.

If you received substandard medical care that resulted in a serious injury, our Baltimore medical malpractice attorneys can help. Our law firm is dedicated to providing professional, personalized, and attentive representation to individuals who have been seriously injured and their families. If you have been injured in by a medical provider in the Baltimore, metropolitan area, please contact The Cochran Firm. All initial medical malpractice inquiries are free, confidential, and carry no obligation.

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Significant verdicts, experienced medical malpractice lawyers

Some medical malpractice law firms do not file lawsuits but instead refer cases to other lawyers or settle lawsuits without filing a legal claim. The Cochran Firm is unlike these other medical malpractice firms. Our seasoned attorneys regularly take cases to trial and have achieved remarkable verdicts that have garnered media headlines.

All of our attorneys are experienced and have a thorough understanding of the legal process governing medical malpractice cases. Our Baltimore medical malpractice lawyers are experienced handling serious injury claims and have the depth and breadth of experienced to know when to take a case to trial. We design litigation strategies and case plans with the goal of securing the greatest award possible for our clients.

Personalized, Responsive Legal Representation

The Cochran Firm only represents injured victims and their families. We do not represent insurance companies. Our team of seasoned attorneys dedicates their careers to serving medical malpractice victims.

Some medical malpractice law firms handle hundreds of cases each year. The Cochran Firm chooses to handle only a select number of serious personal injury claims. In this way, our clients receive personalized, attentive legal service from an experienced attorney. A veteran injury lawyer will be assigned to your case and guide you through the entire legal process.

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