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Serious medical injuries can happen even under the supervision of medical professionals at hospitals and elder care facilities. Often times, victims suffer harm because a member of the health care provider’s staff failed to properly monitor a patient in accordance with the individual’s care needs.

When patients suffer harm due to a doctor’s negligence, victims have the legal right to hold wrongdoers accountable and recover compensation for damages. At The Cochran Firm, D.C., our medical malpractice lawyers understand the hardships victims go through and will work tirelessly to help ensure justice is served.

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When are important times doctors need to monitor patients?

Failure to monitor lawsuits rely on the same principles as other medical malpractice claims alleging physicians violated the standard of care. Under the standard of care doctrine, attending physicians must administer the same type of care other physicians in the same expertise would perform in similar situations.
Generally, health care facilities have policies in place regarding how doctors need to monitor patients in key situations. Even in the absence of such policies, physicians are none the less obligated to treat patients in a manner consistent with the medical standard of care.

While each case is different, examples of common failure to monitor lawsuits include situations such as:

  • Before and After surgery – Surgeons need to keep a close eye on a patient’s vital signs like body temperature, heart rate, pulse, and oxygen saturation
  • Mothers in labor – Fetal heartbeat is a key indicator of the health and wellness of mother to be and unborn child
  • After anesthesia – Administering too much or too little anesthesia
  • Undergoing medical treatment – Doctors need to monitor patients for side effects while administering any type of medical treatment
  • When under observation – Certain health conditions explicitly call for health care providers to constantly supervise patients and nursing home residents to prevent harm

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