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When visiting a hospital, sometimes the difference between getting better and suffering a serious medical episode hinges on whether or not the doctor orders the appropriate medical testing. Patients expect to receive timely and competent medical treatment from physicians able to deliver a proper standard of care.

If patients suffer harm because their doctor failed to order necessary testing, victims have the legal right to file a medical malpractice lawsuit to recover compensation for the damages endured and hold wrongdoers accountable. At The Cochran Firm, our medical malpractice attorneys understand what it takes to get justice and maximize compensation.

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How often do doctors fail to order medical testing?

Doctors failing to order necessary medical testing is the leading diagnostic error, according to one organization studying almost 200 alleged cases of negligence. As reported by the periodical, over half of medical malpractice cases examined happened simply because doctors did not send patients’ on for further testing.

Furthermore, the study identified four main breakdown points where medical malpractice was likely to occur. While not all medical mistakes constitute malpractice, the events considered in the referenced article were “closed cases” of malpractice, according to the authors.

Why do doctors fail to order appropriate tests?

Every medical malpractice case is different and includes its own unique circumstances but researchers have identified certain commonalities in events studied. Some research indicates multiple breakdowns in treatment can lead to medical malpractice, including a missed diagnosis from failure to order appropriate testing.

Circumstances identified with medical malpractice claims included:

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