University of Chicago pays record cerebral palsy birth injury suit

January 9, 2017

$53 million lawsuit among the largest ever for birth delivery medical malpractice

A Chicago jury recently handed down a monumental verdict in a medical malpractice suit brought by the mother of a child who suffered serious complications during birth. The award helps bring to close almost 12-years of litigation seeking to hold the hospital and its staff accountable for their negligent medical care.

The suit claims the hospital, run by The University of Chicago, acted negligently when it failed to recognize the signs of fetal distress as the mother waited unattended for hours during labor. Fetal distress is A serious, life-threatening medical condition that can deprive a child’s brain of oxygen to the point where he or she may suffer extensive brain damage and rely on the care of other for the rest of their life.

Hospital blames victims injuries on pre-existing condition

As is typical in many medical malpractice lawsuits, the hospital contended the boy’s injuries were caused by an infection the mother contracted during her pregnancy. However, the jury did not accept the defense, instead siding with the plaintiff and rendering a record setting award in Cook County, Illinois to help provide the victim with the lifetime care he will need to live a comfortable and dignified life.

The award includes $28.8 million in compensation for ongoing caretaking expenses, and another $7.2 million for future medical expenses. While the defense will most likely attempt to appeal the verdict, the outcome is none the less significant as it put the hospital and other negligent parties on notice that indifference to the health and safety of mothers and their children cannot and will not be tolerated.

Cerebral palsy attorneys

While The Cochran Firm, D.C. was not involved in this particular case, our experienced cerebral palsy attorneys and birth injury lawyers frequently provide legal representation to victims and families of this kind of medical malpractice. Often times, negligent doctors and hospitals attempt to skirt responsibility by assuming these types of cases are too complex for ordinary people to understand.

Fortunately, the medical malpractice attorneys of The Cochran Firm, D.C. have the experience and resources to properly prosecute these types of claims and fight for the legal rights of victims and their family members. By filing a birth injury lawsuit, plaintiffs can recover the financial compensation necessary to ensure their beloved children get the care and treatment they need to survive.

If your child suffers from cerebral palsy or another serious medical condition related to his or her delivery, contact our office for a free legal consultation. There is no obligation by speaking to us and we do not charge any upfront legal costs and only collect our fee if we secure a favorable outcome for you.