April 26, 2021

David Hall Dixon lives in Maryland but works as a Pentagon Force Protection Agency Officer in Virginia.

Early in the morning, on April 7, Dixon was on his way to work when a slow-moving vehicle circled Dixon’s condo parking lot without its headlights on. Dixon says he observed one occupant of the vehicle break into a parked car.

Dixon told investigators that the driver tried to run him over when he attempted to confront the men in the vehicle. Once the car had passed Dixon, he opened fire on the retreating vehicle, shooting two of the occupants in the back. One of these victims was a man named James Lionel Johnson, 38, of District Heights. Johnson and the other victim died at the hospital a short time later.

According to Johnson’s family lawyer, David E. Haynes of The Cochran Firm in Washington D.C., James was the father of three young children and he and the other man who was killed, Dominique Williams, were best friends.

“Neither of them presented any threat of physical violence or physical harm to Pentagon police officer David Hill Dixon,” said Haynes. “This is a tragic, senseless act.”

On Friday, Dixon was charged two counts of second-degree murder in connection to the case.

“Regardless of whether or not there was an alleged property crime that may or may not have been ongoing previously, that in no way justifies the use of deadly force in any way,” concluded Haynes.

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