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Truck accidents are some of the most violent and catastrophic motor vehicle accidents. Injuries caused by truck accidents are highly likely to be debilitating, disabling and fatal. Commercial vehicle drivers, as well as the trucking companies that employ them and the manufacturers who provide the truck parts, have a responsibility to exercise care and prevent unsafe situations.

The truck accident attorneys at The Cochran Firm in Washington, DC, are experienced in going up against big trucking companies who protect their own interests while you are left suffering the consequences. If you have been seriously injured following an accident with a tractor trailer, please contact Cochran Firm DC today to schedule a consultation.

The legal process to recover compensation for your injuries and damages can be complicated, especially in trucking cases where a web of federal regulations and state law can create traps for the unwary. Our experienced trucking accident lawyers can guide your case from beginning to end with the experience to understand the longer-term implications of each step in the process. The attorneys of The Cochran Firm, D.C. have recovered millions for injured victims and have received significant media coverage and legal industry attention for achieving remarkable verdicts and settlements.

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Why should I hire a truck accident lawyer?

Although there are important steps you should take immediately after an accident involving a truck, your next concern may be hiring a lawyer. The truck company and the insurance company for the commercial truck involved in the accident will immediately investigate the accident. These companies regularly deal with truck accidents and have a predefined plan regarding how to investigate, analyze, and document accidents. Their goal is to reduce the amount of compensation available to the accident victim or, in the case of a death, the victim’s family. Their process may include documenting interviews with crash witnesses and recording video and photos of the accident scene. If you caused the accident in even the most minor way, the trucking company and the insurance company will work to emphasize this.

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