Uber, Lyft, ridesharing injury lawsuits: Who pays for my Uber car accident?

Ridesharing companies like Uber and Lyft are extremely popular taxi services to help commuters get from point A to point B. Riders use an app on their smartphone to hail a vehicle and wait for the nearest driver to accept the fare. All the financial transactions are handled via the app, drivers are then able to quickly pick up another fare and passengers can enjoy their day.

But what if you are in an accident involving one of these ridesharing companies like Uber or Lyft? The good news is that Uber covers its drivers with relatively large insurance policies while passengers are in the vehicle.

The bad news is that Uber and their drivers have insurance gaps which may not be able to fully compensate injured parties in the event of a tragedy. As a law firm committed to protecting the rights of consumers and ordinary people hurt by someone else’s negligence, The Cochran Firm, D.C. steadfastly defends the rights of injury victims when wrongdoers fail to properly compensate their victims.

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Uber insurance policies

When on duty with passengers in their vehicle, UberX drivers have a $1 million insurance policy to cover their liability. UberX also has $1 million in uninsured motorist coverage in case passengers were injured in a car accident due to the negligence of an uninsured driver (not the Uber driver).

But what is UberX’s insurance coverage between trips? If an UberX driver is at-fault in an accident when there are no passengers in a vehicle while on duty, insurance coverage drops down to $50,000 for bodily harm per person with a total of $100,000 per accident. This policy provides $25,000 to cover property damage as well.

If you are hurt by an Uber while the driver has a passenger or on his or her way to a fare, you have the benefit of substantial coverage provided by the company. However, if you are hurt by a driver who is off duty or without a passenger, the meager coverage may not be enough to cover all your expenses in the case of a serious injury.

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