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Lead paint exposure and poisoning can have a prolonged or permanent negative impact, including brain injuries, stunted growth, learning disabilities, and other problems. Many residents of Baltimore have tragically been injured by exposure to lead paint, which is present in thousands of homes.

Problems and injuries that have been associated with lead paint exposure include:

  • School performance problems
  • Behavioral issues
  • IQ loss
  • Stunted growth
  • Death
  • Severe nervous system damage
  • Seizures or convulsions
  • Brain damage or mental retardation

The experienced injury lawyers of The Cochran Firm are offering a free consultation to Baltimore area residents who suffered injuries associated with lead paint exposure and poisoning. If you or someone you love was injured by exposure to lead paint, please contact The Cochran Firm. Because deadlines apply to filing a lead paint claim for compensation, we recommend getting in touch as soon as possible.

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What is lead paint?

Lead is a naturally-occurring soft metal. Prior to being banned in the 1970s, lead was often used in paint. Many older Baltimore homes and buildings contain lead-based paint. When the paint ages and chips, it can be breathed in, which results in a hazardous exposure. When these old houses are renovated and the walls are sanded or otherwise altered, there is also a risk of lead paint poisoning.

Tragically, lead paint poisoning often impacts children, who may pick at or play with chipping lead paint. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, there are at least 4 million households with children that are being exposed to high levels of lead. The CDC recommends talking with your child’s healthcare provider about obtaining a blood lead test, especially if you live in a home built prior to 1978. The CDC also recommends discarding recalled toys and toy jewelry and employing best practices when renovating your home.

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