April 27, 2015

Guns discharge while safety engaged

Connecticut-based gun manufacturer Winchester Repeating Arms is recalling four different shotgun models amid concerns the guns can fire, even when the safety is engaged.  The Super X Pump (SXP) models under recall include the the Waterfowl Hunter, Black Shadow, Turkey Hunter, and Long Beard models with a 3 1/2’’ chamber. A recent YouTube video that exploded in popularity demonstrated some of the potential safety problems with these shotgun models.

While Winchester states only a limited number of shotguns may be prone to the malfunction, it has nonetheless initiated a nationwide recall for the four different SXP models.  On its website, Winchester states that failure to have the shotguns inspected and repaired could result in serious injury or death.  Winchester is urging SXP shotguns owners not to shoot or load the guns until the Winchester Service Center has conducted an inspection.

Viral video shows Winchester SXP shotgun failure

A hunter education video demonstrating the defective shotguns discharging rounds went viral on YouTube recently, sparking the nationwide recall of the guns.  The video shows a man in hunting camouflage holding a Winchester SXP shotgun, demonstrating the potential defects with these Winchester shotgun models.  The speaker shows the shotgun has the safety engaged, then proceeds to close the action of the gun at which point a round is discharged.

The four SXP 12-gauge shotgun models under recall are among 20 SXP models produced by Winchester.  The Winchester Waterfowl Hunter, Black Shadow, Turkey Hunter, and Long Beard shotguns are primarily used by sportsmen to hunt turkeys and other birds.

In 1994, Winchester recalled 2,500 shotguns and settled with an Orange County, California man for $100,000 after his shotgun exploded in his hands while firing the weapon.  Most recently, Winchester issued a recall for hundreds of thousands of rounds of .22 caliber long rifle ammunition over concerns some of the rounds were loaded with double the amount of gunpowder.

Winchester advises consumers affected by this recall to contact them at 1-800-945-5372 or to email sxp@winchesterguns.com.